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AmeriGlide Walk In Bath TubInstallation of a Sanctuary Walk In Bath Tub follows the basic steps below. We generally recommend installation be performed by a qualified plumber or contractor, although in certain instances installation can be performed by the end-user.

  1. Removal and disposal of your old bathtub or shower
  2. Preparation of the area - floor repairs, GFI circuit installation (for jetted units), etc.
  3. Preparation of the walk in tub - adjusting the tub levelers, drain installation (for Full Bather units), etc.
  4. Water line and drain hookups
  5. Electrical connections (for jetted units)
  6. Testing for leak free seals and working jets
  7. Wall, trim, or tiling repair or simple cleanup


You have many choices when it comes to finding the right size Sanctuary Walk In Bath Tub. Our standard Sanctuary Walk-In Bath Tub comes in the four most popular sizes found in homes across America. We also offer four more specialty versions of this tub for a total of eight choices.


Before choosing a walk-in tub model, it's very important that you obtain accurate measurements of your bathroom to determine which ones will fit in the available space. To determine which models will work in your bathroom, measure the length, width, and height of the space in which you want your tub to be installed, then compare those measurements to each tub model. For your convenience, we have summarized the sizes of each walk in tub model below.


Sanctuary Walk In Tub: Available in four sizes.

  • 28" W x 48" L x 37.5" H
  • 26" W x 53" L x 36" H
  • 29.25" W x 54" L x 38" H
  • 31.25" W x 50" L x 36.75" H

Sanctuary Petite: 26" W x 45" L x 38.5" H

Sanctuary Full Bather: 30" W x 60" L x 23.5" H

Sanctuary Whirlpool Duo: 31" W x 50" L x 38" H

Sanctuary Deep Water: 30" W x 55" L x 46.5" H

Sanctuary King Size: 29.75" W x 60" L x 38" H


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Customer Service RepresentativesWe have the knowledge to make sure you get the Sanctuary Walk In Bath Tub that works best for you. Whether you fill out our initial survey form and we call you or you call us, we'll get detailed information about your bathroom as it is now and what you are looking for out of your Sanctuary Walk-In Bath Tub. We want you to know what to expect through all phases of your purchase - from ordering, to delivery, to installation, and finally to the use of your Sanctuary Walk-in Bath Tub. 



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Installation Technician
We will work with you to get the right help for a quick installation
. For most Sanctuary Walk In Bath Tub installations we recommend finding a qualified plumber or contractor in your area that you trust to have the work done. We do not provide installation services, but you can contact one of our walk in tub specialists, and we will provide references in your area if they are available.

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