Walk-in Tub Whirlpool & Air Jet Options


Sanctuary Walk-In Bath Tubs can be ordered with Whirlpool Jets, Air Jets, or Combination Whirlpool and Air Jets. Take a look below for more information on each system and what it benefits they offer you. Please note that the Full Bather unit is not available with Air Jets or Combination Jets. Combination Jets are also not available on smaller models due to space constraints.


Sanctuary Walk-In Tub Whirlpool Jets

Whirlpool Jets - Sanctuary Walk-In Tubs ordered with Whirlpool Jets have six fully adjustable water jets located throughout the bathtub. The jets are powered by a 3/4 HP pump that uses a radiator system to keep the pump at a constant temperature for longer pump life and also maintains the temperature of the water in the tub. Jets are located to provide massage to the front of your legs, the back of your legs, and to your back.


Sanctuary Walk-in Tub Air Jets

 Air Jets - Sanctuary Walk-In Bath Tubs ordered with Air Jets have 18 air jets placed around the perimeter of the tub that create a relaxing sensation while you bathe. The air jets operate at three different user-selectable speed levels. The air jet system is 1/2 hp and heats the air that is pushed into the tub using a 750 watt heater.


Sanctuary Walk-In Tub Combination Jets

Combination Whirlpool & Air Jets - Get the most out of your Sanctuary Walk-In Bathtub by ordering the combination Whirlpool and Air jets. This is not a watered-down combination. You get the full power, 6 jet water whirlpool system and the full power, 18 air jet system when you choose this option. Each system can be operated independently and the air jet system has 3 user-selectable speed levels as mentioned above.




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