How To Measure for Your Stair Lift Installation

for Straight Stair Lifts

In order to ensure that your AmeriGlide Straight Stairlift installation goes smoothly, it is imperative that proper and accurate
measurements are provided. If you have any questions, or would like some assistance with measuring your staircase, please
give us a call at .

  1. Overall Length
  2. Stand at the top of your stairs, extend your tape measure until it is laying on all the stair treads and the tip of the tape measure is touching the landing at the bottom of the steps.

  3. Top Stair to Bottom Stair
  4. Stand at the top of your stairs, extend your tape measure until it is touching the edge of the bottom step.

  5. Staircase Width
  6. Measure the width of your staircase and enter the measurement.

  7. Bottom Clearance
  8. If there is a wall or a door at the bottom of the steps, measure from the bottom step to the wall.

  9. Rise of One Step
  10. Measure from the top of a step to the very next step down.

  11. Tread Depth
  12. Measure from the front of one step to the front of the kickplate.

  13. Diagonal
  14. Measure from the front of one step to the front of the next step down.

  15. Top Clearance
  16. Measure from the top step to the door, wall, or other obstruction at the top of the stairs.

Now you're ready to call us at 1 (800) 773-0774 with your measurements!

Stair Lift Return Policy

Stair Lifts are semi-custom made products as the track is cut to the length of your staircase.  The track can often be reused however there are several hours of labor expense involved in the preparation of a lift for the application.  In addition, shipping of the product is expensive. The following is the return policy on New, Factory Reconditioned, and Used AmeriGlide Stair Lifts. Purchase of our stair lift means you understand and accept the return terms and conditions below. You may cancel your order prior to shipment and obtain a full refund of your purchase price. 

AmeriGlide stair lifts may be returned within 5 business days of receipt for a refund less the following:

  1. All returned stair lifts shall incur a 15% restocking fee calculated from the gross selling price to cover the cost of handling and initial preparation of the unit. 
  2. All returned stair lifts will be charged the outbound freight expense incurred by the company to ship the unit, which is  $199.
  3. Return shipping is the obligation of the customer.

Please contact Customer Service at to obtain an Return Authorization form prior to shipping the unit back. The Return Authorization will provide exact instructions on the return process. 

Refused Shipment Policy:

If a stair lift shipment is refused by the customer at the delivery address, the customer will be responsible for a minimum $700 fee to cover prep, handling, track, and freight charges.


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